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Annual Giving Sunday

What It Is

About 20 years ago, some forward-thinking Fellowship members and friends established a “building fund” so that we might build a UU church on St. John. People contributed to the fund, and the money was invested. However, the storms of 2017 brought new challenges to our fellowship and also brought financial assistance from both the UUA and the UU Southeastern Conference. By early 2019, we realized that we weren’t going to build a physical church, and discussed living our UU values into the community by contributing money from our building fund to some of the nonprofit organizations on St. John. As of March 2022, the fellowship has donated over $85,000.00 to nonprofits, mostly on St. John. 


How It Works

The UUFSJ Executive Committee decides the total sum of money we’ll donate each spring, and all members present at our Annual Giving Sunday service “vote” how much to give, and to which organizations, by distributing play paper money among Singing The Living Tradition hymnals that are labeled with the names of various nonprofits. In March 2022, we donated $25,200.00, spread among 21 St. John nonprofits, and also to the UUSC Emergency Fund for Ukraine Aid. We know what it is to receive help in our time of need, and we are grateful to be able to express our UU Guiding Principles to the St. John community through financial donations each year on Giving Sunday. This is our Living Tradition, our church.


Non-Profit Organizations We've Donated To

Love City Pan Dragons

Love City Pan Dragons are a St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands-based steel orchestra with nearly 30 members ranging in age from 6 to 70. They learn and play current and classic soca and reggae hits, with some pop songs under the direction of Ikema Dyer.

Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park

St. John Film Society

New Day Cafe and Workshop St. John

Gifft Hill School

St. John Revolving Fund 

Island Green Living Association

Friends of Virgin Islands National Park is the official philanthropic partner of Virgin Islands National Park and the only non-profit on St. John and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands focused solely on the protection of the Park's natural and cultural resources. They have been assisting and advising the National Park Service in assuring the Park’s unique terrestrial and marine resources are protected, the Virgin Island’s cultural treasures in the Park are preserved, and visitors are connected to their Park through volunteerism, education and advocacy.

St. John Film Society comprises a group of local filmmakers and film enthusiasts who have joined together for the purpose of exposing St John audiences of all ages to film and filmmakers from throughout the Caribbean and beyond. Their focus is on independent films that feature Caribbean-related cultures and issues.

New Day Cafe and Workshop’s goal is to offer opportunities to the youth of St John with technical and professional skills for a satisfying and gainful career. The project offers on the job training and experience for those youth seeking guidance and direction.

Gifft Hill School’s mission is to educate, challenge, support, and empower students, igniting their passion for learning in preparation for college, careers, and their roles as stewards of our island community.

St. John Revolving Fund was set up in 1995 to accept donations to help residents in need of small-short term emergency loans-primarily for medical and transportation expenses for medical care. This community safety net was started with an act of kindness and continues in that manner.

Island Green Living Association has been a trailblazer in initiating meaningful change on St. John and throughout the territory. The mission is to transform the USVI into a net zero waste, carbon-neutral territory in order to protect the environment and ensure the health, welfare, and economic security of the islands and its people.

Sing St. John

St. John Cancer Fund

Sing St. John provides universally accessible singing for all ages on St. John; fostering cultural awareness, meaningful sense of community, and resilience.

The purpose of the St. John Cancer Fund is to provide monies for St John residents who are cancer patients that appeal to the St John Cancer Fund for assistance.

Island Health and Wellness

Island Health and Wellness’s vision is to be a model primary care office, in which patients receive quality care individualized for their personal healthcare needs. Each patient will be treated respectfully and given the time and opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the treatment plans and goals they are trying to attain.

Animal Care Center of St. John

The Animal Care Center of St. John, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the well-being and care of homeless, abandoned, and abused animals on our island.

St. John Historical Society

Throughout the past 41 years, the St. John Historical Society has been an authoritative source on St. John, meticulously documenting, preserving and then sharing with the public the history of a very special island. This has been achieved with the help of numerous professional historians, crafts people, artisans, musicians and educators who have brought this island’s rich history to life. 

St. John Community Foundation

St. John Community Foundation is committed to partnering with all the nonprofit agencies striving to make St. John an even better place to live, work and visit. By working together, we can better identify ongoing needs, avoid duplication of services, and make it easier to connect volunteers and donors with the causes that inspire them.

The Boys and Girls Club of St. Thomas and St. John

The Boys and Girls Club of St. Thomas and St. John has been the forefront of youth development, working with young people from disadvantaged economic, social, and family circumstances.

The Boys and Girls Club of St. Thomas and St. John

The Boys and Girls Club of St. Thomas and St. John has been the forefront of youth development, working with young people from disadvantaged economic, social, and family circumstances.

Negus Education World Specialists

Negus Education World Specialists (NEWS) is an educational firm focused on engaging children and families. NEWS is happy to offer its expertise in Parent Involvement and Family Engagement in their children’s schooling at home, school, and community.

St. John Rescue

St. John Rescue is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives, providing community education, and building a better way of life for the people of St. John by providing emergency rescue and medical support services to St. John’s EMS, Police, Fire, National Park, and Health Clinic personnel.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel aims to support local homeless people by offering two meals a day, five days a week, as well as providing shower and laundry facilities for the homeless. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel also operates a live-in shelter in Cruz Bay and plans to build a permanent shelter.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights and social justice around the world, partnering with those who confront unjust power structures and mobilizing to challenge oppressive policies. Their work is grounded in the belief that all people have inherent power and dignity.

St. John School of the Arts

St. John School of the Arts empowers our island’s youth and their families through our passion for music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Our programs seek to instill creativity and a greater sense of collaboration throughout our diverse community. We believe the arts have the power to transform lives and inspire greatness by instilling poise, confidence, and character.

Save Coral Bay

The Save Coral Bay movement was created in order to help protect Coral Bay from environmentally damaging, large-scale commercial development. At the same time, Save Coral Bay aims to promote projects that will improve conditions in Coral Bay Harbor and encourage the sort of low-impact development that will continue to grow the economy, while protecting our cultural and natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

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