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Our History

The UUF of St. John, Virgin Islands was founded in 1986 in St. Thomas. In 1989, services moved to St. John, and we now meet in the Gifft Hill School Lower Campus Great Room. Over the years we have welcomed visitors and members alike, growing in faith, family, and attendance. We have seen each other through the highs of celebration, and the lows of grief. We supported each other through  the challenges of 4 major hurricanes and the rebuilding of our island and many homes afterwards and most recently, during Covid. We often feel like a large supportive family.


Today, we are a mix of year-round and part-time locals, and many returning visitors, speakers, and friends. We have developed an excellent visiting minister/speaker program, so that our program is now a mix of local speakers, members, and visiting professionals who serve us for 2-4 weeks at a time, with many returning regularly.  We have developed a Green Sanctuary committee with various projects and serve our community through annual financial gifts to various island non-profits.


13-year history written, from 1986-1999, by Sylvia Weaver, one of our founding members. 


Founding Members

Kathleen Adler (‘86)

Sylvia Weaver (‘86)

Charlotte Fish  (‘86)

Ken Damon (‘86)

Ruby Nelthropp (‘86)

Virginia Thornthwaite (‘87)

Fred Thornthwaite (‘87)

Dorothy Muilenburg (‘87)

Craig Barshinger (‘89)

Dotty Politis (‘89)

Alex Politis (‘89)

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