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Visiting Speaker Program

Our visiting speaker program, which began in 1991, allows for ministers and speakers to spend 2-4 weeks with us.


We offer our modest and comfortable studio apartment in exchange for ministerial services (preparing and delivering the service on Sundays, a mid-week discussion or other events, possible consulting with congregants). The guest speaker can share any areas of expertise or interests they have and still have plenty of time to explore and enjoy our beautiful island. 

This offers the congregation the opportunity to create new connections and hear a broad range of ideas and topics. Many of our visiting speakers fall in love with beautiful Caribbean waters and island,  form bonds with our members and return on a yearly basis to serve our congregation  Some have been returning annually for 10-15 years.


If you’d like to inquire about our visiting speaker program, please email Erin Leib at, and she will get back to you with more information.


Past Speakers and Topics

Visiting Speakers

Merry Stockwell

  • A Year of Living With Reckless Abandon | Circles

Allen Wells

  • When Things Don’t Fit | Becoming Vulnerable

Laurie Herrick

  • Unitarians Being Possibilitarians

Dan Zucker

  • Who Are We, and Where Are We Going?

Gabriella Brand

  • What Lies Do You Live With

Local Speakers

Gail Karlsson

  • Holding the Hope for One Another

Ken Wild

  • Taino and St. John

Laurel Brannick and Gail Karlsson

  • St John Bird Count

Haile Israel

  • Rastafari Teachings, Traditions, and Music

Linda Sorensen

  • Preparing Ourselves for the Unexpected

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